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Online quote = less time + less hassle = better for you!

We can email you a quote but to really get into the detail and cater to your needs (and budget) we ideally need some further information from you; X-rays and photos to be precise.

Photographs and X-rays – why it is better for us to see them before you arrive

Send us through some photos of your teeth and gums and some panoramic X-rays before you arrive and we’ll give you the following great benefits:

  • More time on holiday – don’t go quote hunting on your trip when you should be taking in the sights!
  • Fewer appointments – our specialists use the time to prepare effectively, particularly in complex cases, e.g. if you need multiple implants or a large amount of prosthetic work
  • A cost estimate based on the facts – more information from you should enable us to give you a better idea of the costs earlier.

A picture is worth a thousand words in dentistry. Give yourself a big head start by allowing our specialists an idea of what your mouth looks like before you arrive at Dental Square. The benefits to you are obvious!

Your guide to an online quote from Dental Square

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