City in Argentina, unique Buenos Aires.

Argentina is a beautiful country located in South America. She offers grand rivers and wide open ranges, rich wildlife and soaring mountains. Her cities provide exciting cultural spaces with a lifetime of things to see and do.

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. There are thousands of potential reasons for visiting the city – here we present only seven. Come and see!

1. Buenos Aires is a unique city in Latin America

Even for citizens of other countries in Latin America, Buenos Aires has a special charm.

Its latino ambience, European architecture and Spanish colonial influence mix with the unique “Porteño” spirit of its inhabitants. By far the strongest cultural offering of the region, the city is home to conferences, theater, dance and musical productions all year. There is a huge range of restaurants, historic cafés and clubs to please even the most demanding and particular of visitors.

2. Buenos Aires is the home of TANGO

Tango is a passionate, typically Latin dance that was born in the poorest barrios of Buenos Aires around the turn of the 19th century. The city offers everything from dance classes for beginners to highly sophisticated tango shows in dedicated venues. Once a year, the city holds a huge Tango Festival where dancers from around the world come to Buenos Aires to compete in the “World Cup” of tango. Catch up with the festival in 2011 between 1 February and 31 March.

3. Buenos Aires has “the best beef in the world”

“We have met a handful of Argentineans in our worldly travels and in talking about their homeland, if there was one common denominator in the descriptions they gave us of Argentina, it was that Argentina has the “best beef in the world”. After spending a few weeks here in Argentina, I can personally say that these people were not joking around about the quality of meat in Argentina, and we have not even made it south to the heart of the country’s agricultural, farming and ranching region”. A Contented Tourist in Buenos Aires.

4. Learn spanish in Buenos Aires

Don´t be put off by the brash Porteño side of Buenos Aires – the Argentinean dialect is a beautiful and courtly mode of speech that evolved separately from “Español” with roots going back hundreds of years. It is distinguished by its use of “vos” and “sos” in the second person, and a “ssh” sound for the “ll” in words like “calle” (“street”). Buenos Aires has many excellent schools that take bookings and offer discounts over the internet. It’s easy and very affordable to rent a room or apartment while you’re taking your courses – remember, we can help you arrange accomodation at Cabello Square if it suits you.

5. Buenos Aires Open Markets and Art Galleries

This city´s open-air markets will enchant you, dear traveller. In San Telmo and Recoleta every weekend the streets are overtaken by local artists plying their trade with art new and old, vintage clothes, posters and memories. The world famous antique shops of San Telmo display beautiful and interesting pieces from bygone ages and are staffed by equally interesting and informative anticuarians. You will need to return to Buenos Aires many times to fully appreciate the wide variety of museums, galleries, creative spaces and design shops.

6. Champagne taste on a beer budget

The exchange rate is another good reason to take your holiday in Buenos Aires. If anything, giving your wallet a break in these tough financial times could only make a stay in the city more attractive. Do more for less!

7. Dental Square is in Buenos Aires!

The best reason of all! Ok, we admit to being more than a little biased on this last point. Still, it is hard to deny the appeal: take advantage of quality dental services at highly affordable prices while relaxing in Argentina. Call or email today.

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