Implants were an Important First Step. Finish the Job with Dental Crowns and Achieve your Treatment Goals

Prosthetics over implantsDental crowns are artificial tooth parts that fit perfectly over your new implants to give the function and aesthetic appearance of natural teeth.

You have been patient for four months and your implant therapy resulted in successful osseointegration, as we call the healing process. Your new implants sit firmly in your jaw bone under their protective caps. Something missing?

A solution tailored to your needs

We guide you through the process at Dental Square. Your choice of prosthetic treatment may be straight forward due to the limitations caused by your prior dental health. Alternatively, you may need a more subtle approach to achieve an esthetic aim. Your case is unique and merits thorough discussion with one of our professionals.

We look forward to advising you and treating your case with the care it deserves. We have particular experience with:


At Dental Square we work with imported technology from the top international brands so the quality and workmanship of our materials is assured. Concerning implants, we work with Biomet 3i™. Biomet 3i is one of the top 3 brands on the international market. The biologically driven design of Biomet 3i implants permits more rapid bone consolidation and easier prosthetic solutions.

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