Metal mouth? Not for long…

Fillings, or restorations, are procedures designed to give you back the form, function and aesthetics of your teeth after damage by cavities.

Change metal amalgam fillings for white compositeAt Dental Square we use techniques and materials that hide damage due to cavities, fractures or any other harm that may have altered the structure of your teeth. Current adhesion and isolation techniques using nanohybrid composite filling materials allow us to make your restorations stronger and more long lasting than ever.

Old metallic fillings, called amalgams (a mix of various metals including silver and mercury), contain materials that tend to fracture along the borders of the restoration. Over time, this carries consequences such as leakage of food into these border spaces and the development of more cavities under the amalgam. After a thorough clinical examination our professionals can remove your amalgams and leave you with a smile that is white and metal-free.

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