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Dental Square offers dental treatments in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDental Square maintains clean and tidy offices

We are a team of dental professionals appraised of all the latest techniques in general and cosmetic dentistry. Ongoing training allows us to provide you a quality service and a wide variety of treatment options.

Your time is valuable. We will confirm your appointment by Internet or telephone. We do not “pack” our schedules and will always strive to ensure you have minimal waiting time.

We practice minimally invasive dentistry, where we try to preserve the healthy tooth and anticipate the appearance of any cavity process. We prefer to avoid tooth extractions and any other unnecessary intervention. We place a high emphasis on prevention and patient education.

Our system ensures complete dental hygiene by using latest generation equipment and materials. We also rely on the Bio System incorporated into our dental chairs to assure the cleanliness of the chair´s internal system and reject common bacteria.

Dental Square offers dental treatments in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAll information you provide to Dental Square will be treated as strictly private, medical-in-confidence. We will not share your personal information without your permission, but we may provide certain information to laboratories or other professionals in the course of providing or enhancing our service to you.

You will de-stress during your visit with our audio entertainment system.

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